How we eliminated emails from our studio

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Emails. Emails are awesome. Emails are excellent for one-way communication. Emails are superb for short two-way communication. But emails are cumbersome. They’re terrible at long conversations; they are ill-suited for the synaptic exchange of information between two or more people. Especially when you’re discussing ideas or iterating on a feature. The concept is pretty straightforward: […]

In The Beginning

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Hello, We’re in the initial steps of the journey towards releasing our first opus. What does that mean? It means creating our social media accounts, polishing our logo, finalizing our designs, preparing our crowdfunding campaign, and so much more. In the next months, the clouds will clear up and the mountain will be visibile in all […]


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Hello and welcome to Mountain Gold Games. As with any new beginnings, it’s with a mix of fear and excitement that we’re starting this adventure. We’re big big big fans of everything game, and while we never planned to create a game studio, here we are, hearts pounding, cheeks red and eyes glinting. It does seem like a steep mountain to […]