How we eliminated emails from our studio

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Emails are awesome. Emails are excellent for one-way communication. Emails are superb for short two-way communication.

But emails are cumbersome. They’re terrible at long conversations; they are ill-suited for the synaptic exchange of information between two or more people. Especially when you’re discussing ideas or iterating on a feature.

The concept is pretty straightforward: by getting rid of emails, there’s no more ‘Oops I forgot to do reply-all.’. There’s no more ‘Remember the email that I sent you? There was a super important link in there. Yes, I hid a link in an email, and now I want to find it.‘ I think the worst is: ‘Oh, you’re new… yeeaaahh we don’t have a wiki yet, and all the info is buried in some emails from 2 years ago…

Because we’re a team, and because we converse a lot, we decided to find a tool that would connect us and any future team member, keep the conversation searchable, and let us upload files.

Enter Slack

Team communication for the 21st century.

Slack has:

* Channels (a bit like IRC),
* Direct Messages (private 1 to 1 conversation),
* and Private Groups (invite-only channels).

Additionnaly, Slack can:

* handle files,
* integrate with other popular services such as Google Calendar, Dropbox, and GitHub,
* let you search the whole history of everything that happened.

How cool is that?

In the past month, we’ve cut down IMMENSELY on emails and SMS, up to the point where we don’t need them anymore. It’s great because emails tend to be very slimy: discussions about a subject usually drift to other topics. With Slack, it’s easy to manage conversations and concurrently write on different subjects. For example, we have a #blog channel, where we talk about this blog. We have the #game_design channel, where all our ideas about our games are posted. Same thing for #kickstarter, where we post the most exciting projects.

We integrated Twitter in our #twitter channel. Whenever someone mentions @_mountaingold, we receive a tweet in that channel. It’s then possible for us to talk about a specific tweet before replying. We also integrated Google Calendar that reminds us of any deadline we may have forgotten. There are a lot more integrations than just Twitter and Google Calendar, and we totally invite you to see for yourself what Slack is. And if you’re ready to start using Slack, here’s a little link to get you started: Create your Team on Slack!

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