November Updates!

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What’s up internet peeps! Updates!

Board Game Development

First, let’s get this out of the way, we’re still alive and well. We have been making steady progress on our first game, we are almost done with the rulebook and have been polishing the wording and clarity of the text on the cards. We’ll soon be able to showcase a few cards. And announce the game officially!

On another front, we’ve been in contact with a designer regarding republishing one of his game. More announcements to follow! Whaaaaaaaaaaaa? Yeah baby.

Game Design Articles

We have read a lot of cool stuff last month. The best and most awesome read was without a doubt Jamey Stegmaier’s book A Crowdfunder’s Strategy Guide. If you have any plans to Kickstart a project, this is a must read.

Cardboard Edison, is an excellent blog for everything board game design related. They recently posted this awesome video called Board Game Design 101 from Gil Hova, designer of The Networks. Interesting overview from Mr. Hova.

Lastly, Mark Major wrote this very insightful blog article called Euro And Ameritrash: Why Blanket Terminology Is Hurting Us over at the League of Gamemakers blog aka. the best blog ever. Sorry to all the other blogs.

So that’s it for this update. Don’t hesitate to follow us on Twitter and Facebook, because we’re really cool (we’ve been told) and friendly (just our opinion).

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