Mini Rogue Print-and-Play is Out Now!

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This winter was a very hectic and busy one. On one side, Paolo changed jobs, and on the other, Gabriel became father again! How’s that for busy?

In the few spare moments we had, we managed to push through and finish the first version of our print-and-play game Mini Rogue. This dungeon delving game is also our entry in the 9-card nanogame contest on BoardGameGeek!


The links to download the game are right here:

Mini Rogue Cards 1.0
Mini Rogue Rules 1.0

Once you’re done printing, playing and having tons of fun,
we’d really appreciate your support with a vote for Mini Rogue! However, you need to be a BGG member to vote.

You can also leave us feedback in our Work In Progress thread, over at BGG. We really appreciate all feedback and will take them into account to make the game even better in future releases!

Also, we strongly suggest that you go ahead and play one of the myriad nanogames created by the community!

With love and games,
Gabriel and Paolo

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