January 2020

Mini Rogue Kickstarter News!

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We are expecting the Mini Rogue Kickstarter to launch in January 2020!

Yes, it’s still happening, we recently handed the final draft of the rules to our publisher, Nuts! Publishing. We have played the game a lot lately, and we’re happy with the result of our years of work. Yeah, it has been years now!

The cards’ graphic design is being scrutinized, polished and tweaked almost daily now, and we are pushing for an elegant design as much as possible without sacrificing their intuitivity.

We’ve got some cool variants coming, too, but I don’t want to spoil anything yet… Let’s just say that we’re thinking outside the box 🙂

Thanks for you patience! We’ll have more news for you before the Mini Rogue Kickstarter. I’ll just leave this here for you to look at while you wait…

A new card; the Armory Room
You chanced upon an abandoned armory! What will you find?

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